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COVID-19 Training

Alan is awarded a new COVID-19 Safety at Work certificate after successfully completing an online course with Express Online Training

Goats in Park

Not a great image but the lower part starts with “Unexploded Ammunition Risk Area”

A drone project on behalf of a local government agency looking for habitat areas. We actually picked up a small herd (Est 6) of goats.

Some were clearly wearing collars. Indicating they had escaped from a local farm.

A review of talks given over last 18 months

Quite an interesting list of organisations:

Probus Clubs – Atterdale, Bannister, Belmont, Claremont-Swanbourne, Como, Dalkeith, Dianella, Ellenbrook, Fremantle, Kingsley, Morley, Mosman Park, Perth & Thornlie,

U3A North Coast, Lesmurdie & Wanneroo

Perth TAFE

Uniting Church & WiderVision

Talks to date have been on “What is an aircraft” and “Drones – All you need to know in one hour!”

It will be interesting to see how the next 12 months goes. Already 9 booked.