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Pre-purchase Inspections

The process of purchasing an aircraft is both complex and time consuming (If done correctly). Sure if you are a private owner/buyer you might be more interested in the size, paint scheme and performance, but what about the technical details and maintenance history. These areas, if overlooked or given scant attention can become very costly later. Let the considerable experience of PlaneTorque Australia assist you is this high risk endeavour. A defined systematic series of checklists is used for each purchase to ensure conformity and attention to detail.

Key Benefitsctd02

  • Get a detailed technical report before committing to purchase
  • Get PTA’s considerable experience in this area working for you
  • Allows your own staff to remain engaged in normal duties
  • Extremely cost effective

Service description Areas reviewed

  • Audit of airframe for general condition
  • Audit of engine(‘s) for general condition
  • Audit of aircraft for equipment fitted
  • Audit of Log Books for AD/SB compliance
  • Audit of Log Books for major repair history
  • Audit of Flight Manual
  • Supply report on findings

Estimated man hours to perform audits can vary between 20-80 plus man hours depending on the depth requested by the buyer. Audits can be tailored to buyers needs. Generally speaking this is a reasonably detailed inspection of the airframe and its systems without however any significant disassembly. Hot spots are targeted such as known areas of excessive corrosion (Toilets). A short airtest is also recommended if the aircraft is serviceable. Some panels may be removed to gain access to certain areas, but this is kept to a minimum. It is recommended for turbine types that a Hot Section Inspection be included, or if this is not practical then at least a detailed boroscope inspection is recommended. For piston engined types this will include compression checks. For both types it includes oil and fuel filter inspections. In the case of ADs & SBs the 100% review or audit process is selectable by customer. However if 100% selected then additional man hours may be required. Please note this is not a certification process. If “panel removal” is required then additional appropriately qualified labour is used. The word “Audit” is used deliberately as this is a sampling process not a 100% inspection process. Following any of above PTA may recommend a full “Maintenance Release Issue” Inspection be carried out by an approved facility before the customer proceeds any further.

The above in no way seek to replace Export or Import Certificate of Airworthiness Inspections.