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A review of talks given over last 18 months

Quite an interesting list of organisations:

Probus Clubs – Atterdale, Bannister, Belmont, Claremont-Swanbourne, Como, Dalkeith, Dianella, Ellenbrook, Fremantle, Kingsley, Morley, Mosman Park, Perth & Thornlie,

U3A North Coast, Lesmurdie & Wanneroo

Perth TAFE

Uniting Church & WiderVision

Talks to date have been on “What is an aircraft” and “Drones – All you need to know in one hour!”

It will be interesting to see how the next 12 months goes. Already 9 booked.

TAFE Talks 2019

Dear Alan

Our team would like to thank you for volunteering your valuable time to be one of our speakers for the TAFE Talks event which was held on 6 June 2019 at North Metropolitan TAFE.

As you know our theme for the event was “I AM” which was to inspire, aspire and motivate the audience and to help enhance their own professional development and to walk out with something that would impact their personal lives. We have gathered feedback from our audiences – which all came back positive and concluded that you have covered everything that we were expecting and helped us reach our goals.

Everyone that attended and handed back a feedback form said your talk was very informative and interesting, with some even suggesting you should get more time to talk. Some of your points concerning drones and their use in military applications definitely opened some eyes!

I have attached a link for you to fill out a Feedback Form  for our event. It would be great if you could fill this out.

Thank you again, we appreciate you donating your time.

Kind regards

TAFE Talks Team

Diploma of Event Management Students

Talk to U3A on Drones

Another interesting talk was given on Friday 5th April to the U3A at Hamersley. Included a drone demo flight and giving them a few images (No charge). Slight possibility some small jobs may flow from this as a few members came up to me afterwards seeking info/costs.

Out on the oval




Another aircraft valuation down south

Great drive south from Perth for about two hours. Looking at a Cessna 182Q for a potential eastern states buyer. Great country folk on site looked after me.

It’s cool in the shade

Not far from the aircraft

University of the Third Age (U3A) chat given “What is an aircraft” 24th August 2018

Stirling Leisure Centres – Hamersley, 20 Belvedere Rd, Hamersley WA 6022, Australia

The U3A is the University of the third age. https://u3auwa.org/

Another interested audience of senior folk (I estimate there were about 70 there, mixed male/female) Some even younger than me). Had a lot of interesting questions ranging from “How do they fly?” to “Are you sure it’s not an extinct insect?”

Might get invited back next year for a chat on all things drones can do.