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Talk to U3A on Drones

Another interesting talk was given on Friday 5th April to the U3A at Hamersley. Included a drone demo flight and giving them a few images (No charge). Slight possibility some small jobs may flow from this as a few members came up to me afterwards seeking info/costs.

Out on the oval




Another aircraft valuation down south

Great drive south from Perth for about two hours. Looking at a Cessna 182Q for a potential eastern states buyer. Great country folk on site looked after me.

It’s cool in the shade

Not far from the aircraft

University of the Third Age (U3A) chat given “What is an aircraft” 24th August 2018

Stirling Leisure Centres – Hamersley, 20 Belvedere Rd, Hamersley WA 6022, Australia

The U3A is the University of the third age. https://u3auwa.org/

Another interested audience of senior folk (I estimate there were about 70 there, mixed male/female) Some even younger than me). Had a lot of interesting questions ranging from “How do they fly?” to “Are you sure it’s not an extinct insect?”

Might get invited back next year for a chat on all things drones can do.

Drone chat – Attadale Probus Club @ SoPYC

On Tuesday 20th Feb. at The South of Perth Yacht Club, in Applecross I gave the Attadale Probus Club a quick talk about commercial operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Aka Drones).

This was followed by a short demo flight around the SoPYC. The flight was of course formally approved by the SoPYC management.

An interesting safety issue was that the SoPYC had a regatta on and another drone was known to be following that. Additional caution was therefore required.

I believe the talk and demo flight were well received, I know the interest of many members was high.

I would like to thank the Attadale Probus Club for allowing me to give the talk and the nice bottle of red wine gift.

Alan Jupp – Chief Remote Pilot

Attadale Probus members outside SoPYC. Photo taken from 50m away and zoomed in



2018 Special Offer

Refer us to others and receive a refund!

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Special offer Terms & Conditions.
  1. Offer expires 30th November 2018.
  2. Refer any number of your family, friends or business associates to us and for every one that turns into a revenue earning job for us from 1st March 2018, we will refund you 10% of your final pre-GST bill.
  3. This offer is limited to a maximum of 50% of your pre-GST invoice or $200, whichever is the lesser.
  4. The offer is subject to all normal CASA drone safety requirements being met.
  5. Please ensure each of your referrals quotes your job number when they first contact us.

PlaneTorque Australia joins Australian Commercial UAV Organisation Inc. (ACUO)

Membership number: 17144

3 Objects
The objects of the association are:
1. To foster, encourage and continually improve the standards of unmanned aviation for commercial purposes whilst promoting and maintaining a sound regulatory framework in which to do so.
2. To foster, encourage and continually improve the safe and responsible flight activities of commercial unmanned aircraft within an easily accessible and low cost environment.
3. To foster and encourage the formation and growth of development of unmanned aviation controllers, and to provide the guidance and training impetus for inexperienced controllers and new entrants to the industry.
4. To revive, encourage and promote interest in Australian commercial unmanned aviation by encouraging participation in unmanned flying.
5. To foster and maintain the concept of safe owner maintenance of commercial unmanned aircraft.
6. To maintain self administration of commercial unmanned aviation operations with the complete confidence of the Australian public and the goal of becoming the delegated administrative authority for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
7. To act as an information resource for counsel to organisations or individuals whose decisions may affect commercial unmanned aviation activities and operator rights.

Swan Valley Wedding Open Day – OakOver Grounds

To be eligible for our SVWOD Discount Offer;

  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  • Give our OakOver Grounds clip – https://goo.gl/QOivSf a thumbs up
  • Leave a comment on the clip featuring #SVWOD and what you saw or liked on the day

We will then randomly pick 10 subscribers to receive a special discount.

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Special offer Terms & Conditions.
  1. Offer expires 31st December 2017. However, jobs committed to before this date but booked for 1st quarter of 2018 will be eligible.
  2. Offer is not limited to Weddings. It can be any drone job at any location, within the scope of PTA’s CASA approval.
  3. Minimum discount offered is 10%.
  4. The offer is subject to all normal CASA drone safety requirements being met. In particular, the site must be eligible for drone flying. This is established after an initial Job Safety Assessment.
  5. Cost guide (GST additional): PTA charges $75/hr attendance fee (Minimum 2 hours) this includes 10 HD still images, additional still images are $30 each. A short (Approximately 2 min) HD video will cost approximately $250
  6. We deliver selected photos electronically and/or on a DVD if requested.
  7. Review photos carry a large Copyright watermark.