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Drone chat – Attadale Probus Club @ SoPYC

On Tuesday 20th Feb. at The South of Perth Yacht Club, in Applecross I gave the Attadale Probus Club a quick talk about commercial operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Aka Drones).

This was followed by a short demo flight around the SoPYC. The flight was of course formally approved by the SoPYC management.

An interesting safety issue was that the SoPYC had a regatta on and another drone was known to be following that. Additional caution was therefore required.

I believe the talk and demo flight were well received, I know the interest of many members was high.

I would like to thank the Attadale Probus Club for allowing me to give the talk and the nice bottle of red wine gift.

Alan Jupp – Chief Remote Pilot

Attadale Probus members outside SoPYC. Photo taken from 50m away and zoomed in



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