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Quality Audits

PlaneTorque Australia can perform both internal engineering quality audits and if you desire engineering suppliers audits also. In both cases the audits are carried out by highly experienced and formally qualified aviation engineering auditors.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced & Qualified ISO 9000 auditors
  • Allows your staff to remain focused on mission critical tasks
  • A fresh set of eyes often picks up what others miss
  • Meets or exceeds CASA requirements

Quality Management Why employ a full time Quality Manager when PTA can fill this role for you at a fraction of the cost of a full time staff member. Have you ever heard the term “I need a “Holden” not a “Rolls Royce””? Both these names infer a level of quality yet both can fail and leave you stranded on the side of the road. What a sound aviation business needs are management systems that meet legislative requirements, are affordable, workable and add value when used correctly. PTA has the experience and knowledge to assist you with CASA compliance and if desired setting up your management systems to attain international quality accreditation.

Internal audits PTA has the ability to carry out your required CASA internal auditing and your ISO9000 internal auditing requirements. Internal auditing is sometimes given little effort and indeed auditing oneself can be a waste of time. Let PTA give you a warts and all review so that you can continue to improve your performance.

Supplier audits Would you like an independent review of a mission critical supplier? Let PTA carry out an audit for you.