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Terms and General Information

by | Nov 23, 2016

Standard charges cover


  • Travel to/from site if the distance is less than 50 km from Perth CBD – a minimum $50 call out applies.
  • Our pilot/’s and aircraft being available for a defined period.
  • Our drones flying for an estimated period.
  • All aerial imaging detailed below.
  • Public liability insurance.
Additional charges cover


  • Travel to/from site if distance is greater than 50 km from Perth CBD.
  • Overnight accommodation if required.
  • Travel expenses if required (ie: Airfares, hire car etc.)
  • Post production charges may vary depending on desired outcomes. Our figure assumes normal editing only required. Audio is not captured in our aerial videos.
  • Following, if required, are additional costs:
    • Professional voice over
    • Client required titles
    • Background music
  • Additional charges needed due location – ie: CASA or local Gov. approvals. Please note these can often take several weeks to achieve and until submission reviewed and approved there is no guarantee approval will be granted.
Defining your “Scope of Work”

The following list, whilst not completely definitive, is offered to indicate to each client what we need to know in order to correctly plan our service delivery for you.

Broadly speaking what type of event are you wishing to capture:

  • Wedding
  • Family gathering
  • Real estate advertising – non-rural or rural
  • Company outdoor event
  • Inspection of a rooftop or items thereon
  • Inspection of a tall or hard to reach structure
  • Advertising video
  • Environmental audit of for example wetlands
  • Other

Logistical issues:

  • When must the finished drone product be delivered?
  • What date/time of day best suits for a site visit?
  • Where precisely is the site and what is its size?
  • How many still images are required?
  • How long approximately is the video desired to be unedited/edited?
  • Are land owner permissions needed?
  • Are “Subject Releases” required?
  • What formats (Still images and video) do you require?

HD still images:

  • The requested quantity of still images are specified in the covering email.
  • Images are delivered “Edited” as JPG files in either 4:3 or 16:9 size depending on clients requirements.
  • Still images are normally delivered electronically within 3 working days of a site visit.


HD video:

  • The requested duration of video captured/edited is defined in the covering email.
  • Videos are delivered “Post Production” as MP4, 1080P and suitable for uploading to social media such as You Tube, unless format varied by client request.
  • Videos are normally delivered via DVD (Posted) within 5 working days of site visit but this will depend on the type/extent of post production work involved.

You only order images (Still/Video) if they work for you. There is no mimimum qty to order. 

If you require deliverables that differ to the above, please let us know and we will adjust as necessary.

  • We would seek to schedule each project for the date/time requested by client.
  • May be subject to gaining additional legal authorisations (CASA and/or local government) required due to site location.
  • Estimates are valid for 14 days unless varied in covering email.
Limitations that apply to drone operations

On the day, flying will be subject to weather conditions. Of particular concern are:

  • Wind
  • Temperature
  • Cloud
  • Moisture/Rain

All flying operations will be conducted in accordance with normal CASA limitations for commercial drone operations, unless formally varied within the company’s operations manual/library. Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Part 101 refers. Broadly these are:

  • Drone pilot must maintain Visual Line of Sight with drone.
  • Drone must not operate higher than 400 ft (120 m) above ground level
  • Drone must come no closer than 3 nm (5.55 km) to a controlled airports boundary.
  • Drone must not be flown over populated areas.
  • Drone must not be flown any closer than 30 m to subject/’s unless written approval is gained to come no closer than 15 m.
  • Drone must only be flown in daylight hours in visual conditions.
  • Each flight is subject to a detailed risk assessment and flight authorisation process.
  • We will issue our invoice electronically as part of our post production process. As a minimum the “Call out” fee will apply.
  • If you do not have an account with us payment within 14 days would be appreciated.
  • Payment by telegraphic transfer preferred.
  • If applicable a “Standard Location Release” and/or “Subject Release” forms will be issued.