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CoA & SFP Issues

Alan has added the following services to his companies extensive support portfolio:


  • Issue of Australian Certificates of Airworthiness (CASR 1998 21.176), and
  • Issue of Australian Special Certificates of Airworthiness for Light Sport Aircraft (CASR 1998 21.176), and
  • Issue of Australian Export Certificates of Airworthiness (CASR 1998 21.324), and
  • Issue of Special Flight Permits (CASR 1998 21.200) associated with CoA, and
  • Issue of Experimental Certificates (CASR 1998 21.195A), and
  • Authorise a particular aircraft to be operated over a built-up area of city or town (CAR 1988 262AP(5))

All of these Instruments carry limitations, kindly read the re-issued Instrument 1-18DHH Issue # to review the details.

This service can link very nicely into the Pre-purchase Inspection phase if required. Access to your aircraft’s maintenance documentation and manuals is required.

Application Forms can be found at “Downloads

Key Benefits

  • Get Alan’s extensive engineering experience in this area working for you.
  • Assistance can include mentoring your nominate key staff through the detailed requirements.
  • Potentially greater flexibility than CASA with respect to availability and travel needs.
  • Detailed checklists, form templates and Australian Airworthiness Directive compliance data base are supplied
  • Extremely cost effective