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Technical Writing

Let PlaneTorque Australia develop your new system or revise your existing one. Benefit from PTA’s considerable experience in this important area and get your systems working for you and gaining CASA approvals. Use a PTA developed OMEL and reap the benefits of a sound, operationally useful document.

Key Benefits

  • Keep systems up to date with manufacturers recommendations
  • Develop systems useful to your aircraft’s environment
  • Allows your key staff to remain focused on normal business
  • Aircraft Maintenance Systems
  • Not all aircraft require a dedicated maintenance system, but all can benefit from such a document. Ensure your maintenance staff are given clear and concise instructions on what to inspected and service. PTA can develop detailed systems that will meet or exceed CASA requirements and enhance the ongoing value of the aircraft that use them. Current manufactures system must be supplied by owner and an audit of aircraft required prior to first draft being commenced.

Operator Minimum Equipment Lists Again not a legal requirement for all aircraft but very useful. This document is arguably the most complex to develop and keep updated. However PTA has been doing this for many years now with much success. Let this experience work for you. PTA OMEL’s will be based on CASA generic and/or FAA master. Audit of aircraft required prior to first draft being commenced Engineering Procedures Manuals PTA

Engineering Procedures Manuals contain all the CASA required sections and can save you time and money in production. Proposed facility audit and senior staff interview required prior to first draft being commenced