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A quick one day visit to Sydney as an Expert Witness this week was interesting.

A client sought my services for a helicopter valuation and then to attend the Federal Circuit Court in Sydney as an “Expert Witness”.
After much ado from both legal councils the judge decided I was competent/experienced enough to be considered an expert witness in so far as providing aircraft valuations.

The process was interesting in that the other clients council went to great lengths to discredit me. Given I was sitting but a few meters behind him with no ability to respond I found that part of the process quite stressful.

Then of course he came at me firing both barrels when I finally was seated in the witness chair.
Pretty much like you see on TV from time to time.

A VERY long day. Started in Perth at about 09:30 PM on Wednesday night, arrived Sydney at about 06:30 AM on Thursday morning. Into city on train. Attend court all day. Back out to airport and get back into Perth at about 11:30 PM on Thursday night. Boy did I sleep well.