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We set off from Perth and overnighted in the airport inn at Singapore Airport. A very basic room but it breaks an otherwise long journey. Next day we made our way to Siagon. Getting our visas at Siagon airport was an interesting exercise. Then off in a taxi to the mighty Mekong river to catch a ferry down to Vung Tau. The ferry we used was an old Russian hydrofoil, boy was it in a sorry state. It got us there in one piece though. A very interesting taxi/ferry ride I can assure you. As we pulled into Vung Tau I was impressed by the look of the place. This was not a misplaced feeling as over the next few days we saw most of what the city had to offer.

Our project was to carry out a full facility/aircraft audit for some offshore companies of their helicopter supplier Southern SFC. As we progressed through the audit it soon became very obvious that these guys were very good at what they were doing. The audit covered all aspects of the company: Aircraft, Maintenance Support, Aircrew, Training, Airport Ops, ATC, Fuel Farm, Passenger control (Its truly a one-stop-shop).   

So after about four days we flew back home, job completed and another interesting experiance to add to my list. I can recommend Vung Tau to the adventurous, very good hotels and lots of great bars and restaurants. Siagon is another matter entirely. The traffic is thick and moving around on foot can be challenging for many reasons. Hotel we stayed in was 5 star, very nice and in center of city. Way too many people in one place for me though.