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To be eligible for our SVWOD Discount Offer;

  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  • Give our OakOver Grounds clip – https://goo.gl/QOivSf a thumbs up
  • Leave a comment on the clip featuring #SVWOD and what you saw or liked on the day

We will then randomly pick 10 subscribers to receive a special discount.

PlaneTorque Australia Pty Ltd Special offer Terms & Conditions.
  1. Offer expires 31st December 2017. However, jobs committed to before this date but booked for 1st quarter of 2018 will be eligible.
  2. Offer is not limited to Weddings. It can be any drone job at any location, within the scope of PTA’s CASA approval.
  3. Minimum discount offered is 10%.
  4. The offer is subject to all normal CASA drone safety requirements being met. In particular, the site must be eligible for drone flying. This is established after an initial Job Safety Assessment.
  5. Cost guide (GST additional): PTA charges $75/hr attendance fee (Minimum 2 hours) this includes 10 HD still images, additional still images are $30 each. A short (Approximately 2 min) HD video will cost approximately $250
  6. We deliver selected photos electronically and/or on a DVD if requested.
  7. Review photos carry a large Copyright watermark.